About MH-

Mignonne handmade is a small line accessories brand created by maker and designer Jennifer Wood.  MH products are handmade in small, made to order batches keeping in the tradition of fine artisan quality workmanship.  MH also produces limited, one of a kind pieces every month, to provide unique and timeless accessories and clothing for the modern, non traditional bride and woman.  Mh is based in the US and operating from our studio southern france where we live.  

MH Process-

All MH accessories are made by hand, wiring and soldering all of the solid brass and gold plated headpieces, pins and clips in our studio.  The lovely blossoms are made from high quality silk fabrics that are hand dyed, each ethereal hue mixed to perfection, some are then hand painted, colors are mixed so each stroke of the brush produces a unique work of art.  They are then cut, pressed and sewn together. All beading is done by hand, veils are also hand dyed, cut and sewn in our studio. Every design is completely original and made with the utmost attention to detail and quality.